Stupid Things People Say To Sound Clever: The “It’s All In Your Head” Edition

“It’s all in your mind”

Something isn’t right. You’re battling. It’s not your flaw. It’s exactly where you’re at this moment.

Maybe you’re because of give a discourse and you’re managing basic, painful dread.

Or on the other hand possibly, it’s 4am, and you’re wide alert for the fifth evening running since you’ve overspent, not told your accomplice, and the blame is biting away at you like a rodent in a container.

Or on the other hand it could simply be regular organic chemistry more than once punching you in the face with no-conspicuous end point.

At a certain point or another I’ve fallen prey to all the abovementioned and numerous MANY more. I’m presently saying farewell to a 6-month stretch of the final remaining one. (It’s to a greater extent a see ya soon however).

Be that as it may, never, anytime, has it ever, (anyway sincere or benevolent), been decent, consoling, or helpful in any capacity whatsoever, to be told:

“It’s all in your mind”

Gracious, right? Truly? Amazing, much obliged for that. That is fine at that point, I’ll exactly what… trade my head out, eliminate it, shut it down?

That is to say, amazing.

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